No more, absolutely no more!!!

Wow!!!! What a month or so that was!!!!

Headlines are these; Sally Ann & I welcomed our new son Eddie Thornton Hayes into the world on the 1/11/13 at exactly 07.30 in the morning, and at the exact moment my life become complete. He is wonderful. He is loud. He is really quite windy for such a little man & he smells truly amazing!

Any of you guys reading this that have children will know that it is a incredible thing witnessing the birth of your baby, it is exhilarating, stressful, worrying, exciting and totally terrifying all at the same time and that is just me!!!! I cannot imagine what it is like for you ladies going through all that but I will tell you this much, there is no man reading this that would disagree with me when I say that the way we love you and how much goes through the roof after we watch you go through what you do for the sake of that little man or lady.

My wife gave birth to 10 pound Eddie on only gas and air!! How does anyone do that!!!!

Speaking of gas and air if I am to give you any advice Fella’s it might to be to wait until the midwives have popped out before you go getting on that, I got some rather questionable looks when I started chugging away when Sal was only “ 7 centimetres “.

Eddie2That is it for us now there will be no more we have agreed on that. The fact that we have been blessed with 2 such beautiful young men means I think we will stop there; I don’t wanna push my luck. That & the fact that the last 3 weeks have shown me I couldn’t cope with any more.

However that will not be the end of the pain oh no!!!! I think I should do the honourable thing and go visit a Dr……… 1 with a big pair of scissors OUCH!!!!!!!

Take care