Squeaky Bum Time

Been a while since I have been here…… sorry……. Been rather busy, crazy busy in fact.

But I have news!!!! Well sort of!!!! TODAY IS DUE DATE!!!!

My darling Sally Ann has done an amazing job keeping our little un safe in her tummy, the last 9 months have been very very testing for her as it is for all you ladies who do such a hard job giving up your bodies for the sake of your kids but now the time is here and we are waiting with baited breath…

Anyone reading this that has kids will remember the mixed barrel of emotions that I am going through now, excitement, nerves, panic & to be honest more than a little bit of fear in there too, like many husbands & boyfriends I know I wont be able to relax until I have my son safely in my arms and know that the woman I love is safe.

I cannot wait to meet this little man, I can’t wait to see his Mum holding him and I am even excited to see how Reuben his big bother reacts to not being the sole receiver of our parental skills!!!!! I bet he’s gonna hit the roof!!!!!

I am so proud of my wife I can’t even tell you….. & I am a very lucky man to have been blessed with such love.

I will keep you posted!

Now go and give someone you love a big kiss!!!!

Love the soppy one,

J x