Stay away from the UGG boot!!!!

That was summer then!?!? The end of long days, warm nights and people wearing skimpy outfits and the beginning of short days, cold and rainy nights and good looking people like you and I wearing far too much clothing!!!

For the first time in a long while I think we got our monies worth out of summer. I had some great days in my garden, in the parks and on the beaches, spent far too much money in beer gardens across Sussex and ate my weight many times over in BBQ chicken and Halloumi ( which by the way if you haven’t tried yet you need to, it will knock you on your arse it’s that good )…… It has been bloody great.


Autumn seems to have well and truly arrived, as I sit here typing it is blowing a gale outside, everything is sodden and the forecast says it will stay like that all week. Crap……… Or is it???

I reckon there’s a lot to like about this time of year, Halloween, bonfire night, cosying up with the family in the warm and spending just as much time in the pub as before only now in front of a roaring fire as opposed to in a garden trying to keep the wasps out of your corona.

And of course Christmas but I can’t bear to go there yet, I can already hear the hints about UGG boots and Stella McCartney Perfume & they bring me out in a cold sweat and palpatations, how much for a pair of UGG boots man???? Mr & Mrs UGG live in a big house of that there is no doubt!

I have more than most to look forward to this Autumn as next month ( cervix permitting ) my darling Sally Ann will give birth to our second son. We’re awaiting his arrival with baited breath…… and squeaky bums. She has done a remarkable job with our first Reuben and I can’t wait to see her hold the new little lad. Your pretty bloody good you mums are!!

I hope your summer was as good as mine and I hope your autumn / winter treats you well but more than any of that I hope whether your man or woman, adult or child, dedicated follower of fashion or just someone who likes their feet sweaty…………. I really hope your other half doesn’t ask you for UGG boots this Christmas.

Take care.

J x