The pantomime bubble.

Well it has been way too long since I posted anything up here, sorry about that everyone but after you’ve finished reading this I have a feeling you might understand why!!!!

I think we would all agree that no matter who you are December is a busy busy month, Christmas takes over and the panic to make sure we have the right presents, enough food as well as trying to arrange who is going where and at what time on what day without upsetting the family makes it a very stressful time. Don’t get me wrong Christmas is a time of year that I love, I love the way it makes me people feel, the lights, the excitement it brings the food, the drink I love it all. I am just saying it can be quite stressful.


Good God what a month or so that really was. It was always gonna be tough, Tom Evans my esteemed co host and friend and I have now appeared in 3 panto’s and went into it with our eyes open knowing that fatigue would be our mistress for the month, but then it all went tits up.

” Honey,  Reuben has got chicken pox ” these were the words that started it all, my eldest son Reuben who is nearly four got struck down in the middle of December, he got it bad and was terribly poorly for a week or so before finally shifting it……………….. and then getting a 24 hour vomiting bug!!!!! Which he then passed onto my poor wife Sal who spent 24 hours throwing up herself along with a puking  4-year-old, screaming 6 week old all on her own because her husband was busy getting his Glitter on in Worthing.

I know I was out earning and all that but I am sure any of you that have kids will be able to relate to the guilt I felt having to leave my family in such a state everyday. I have to be honest as well & say that what made me feel worse was when I arrived at the theater each day to panto my ass off I had fun, I laughed and smiled, all why my clan suffered at home, not good man, certainly a Christmas I will be happy to forget. What will be harder to forget though I am quite sure are the people I met and grew close to over that panto run.

Even when things are fine at home pantomime is a strange existence, I always describe it as a bubble and that is exactly what it is. The 6 weeks or so you are together with the cast are so intense because you quite literally live with each other, you see these folks far more than your family and you can’t help but become close, you make friends, live in each others pockets, offer support and a pat on the back when someone needs it and then at the start of January POOOOOPPPPHHHH!!!! They’re gone.

The first 4 or 5 days after it’s finished are weird you can’t stop singing or humming the songs, everyday sentences remind you of the script, you can’t get all the eyeliner and glitter off and you cant quite get your head around the fact that after 52 shows and 4 weeks of performance you will never have to dance that box step or say that gag again. Don’t get me wrong you’re glad it is over and you can get your life back but I am quite happy to admit that I drove home the night after the final show with a tear in my eye but that was only for one reason…….. it is never easy saying goodbye to special people is it.

Thanks Allan, Ian, Charlie, Janine, Darren, Tony, Henry, Nathan, Chris and of course one of my dearest Tom for getting me through another one, it was both a totally shit but great month at the same time. I hope one day I will see you again.

The person I lastly want to thank here is my wife.

Thank you Sally Ann for loving me, being my wife and the best mummy our boys could hope for. I love you. You are beyond tough my girl xxxx

Happy new year everyone thanks for visiting & if you haven’t already found it I wish you nothing but Love for 2014.

Take great care

Lots of love The Lord Chamberlain AKA LC AKA

J x