The times they are a changing

A big week for Heart breakfast the radio show I present along with my co – host and good friend Tom, our new girlie Nicole Hume started along side us.

I have no doubt that Nicola is going to do a superb job here at Heart, she is funny, charming and very hungry to succeed, she will be great.

Nicola is the 4th female co host I have worked with on the breakfast show in the near 10 YEARS!!!! ( can you believe that ) I’ve been on the air & over the weekend I couldn’t help but think about the 3 that came before her.

Of course when I started here in 2004 I was looked after by the wonderful Nicky Keig – Shevlin for a couple of years. Nicky was & remains a great friend who always had a kind word for me in my first few months on air. I will always love & respect “ Nickers “.

Lynsey Bartlett followed Nicky & Lyns, Tom and I went on to have a fair bit of success with our show, winning a Sony radio award along the way before Lynsey left to start a family, a job she is doing tremendously well it must be said.

Who can forget the fabulous Kaz Carter?? Brilliant, funny, lovely Kaz, with a giggle that you would never tire of Kaz has become a firm friend. I really hope she goes on to get all the happiness she deserves.

I’ve been lucky to work with all of them and now Nicola is here with fire in her belly and big shoes to fill. Fill them she will.

Almost 10 years on air!!!! It stuns me it has been that long. I’ve met and worked with some fabulous people, some I’m still in touch with & some I’m not and one who is no longer with us, I have certainly found myself thinking of the wonderful Chris Copsey of late. A man that will never be forgotten.

It was the legendary Bob Dylan that said “The times they are a changing”.

That they are.

J x