Where does the time go??

I had the most amazing day the Sunday just gone, the weather looked good so I told my Sal that we needed to check for meat in the freezer and marinade in the fridge because the BBQ was going on & when I BBQ I take it very seriously!!! It is not about just chucking a banger, a burger and a lonely chicken wing on the grill oh no. It’s about Chicken, pork, lamb all marinated with love and care, some spicy some sweet, but all deserving of a spot on the charred grill I call my blank canvas. That and cold beer of course.

I am sure loads of you have enjoyed being outdoors over the last month or so, the weather has been amazing and the garden, beach or park just seem to call me and mine. Everything seems so much better when the sun is out. Everything looks nicer, people smile more I even had a pleasant chat with a traffic warden?!?!?! The heat really does do strange things to folk.

But back to Sunday.

Amongst others I had my 2 best and oldest friends Paul & Jim around with their families, they like me both have a young son, there is only about a year between all 3 of our boys but due to work & life in general we really don’t get the chance to get them together as much as we would like & on Sunday for pretty much the 1st time the 3 of them played together for hours, played & played & played and as we watched them I reckon us 3 dads were thinking the same thing…………………. My God we are proper grown ups now!!!!!!! & we really are!!  We were talking about trimming hedges, the size of the boots in our cars, Paul even admitted his favourite CD at the moment is the soundtrack to the Disney film Spirit : Stallion of the Cimarron by Bryan Adams!!

But you know what despite our obvious rock n roll lifestyles and believe me they were that being long gone I loved every minute of it!!

I’m not scared of getting old……. I’ve so much to look forward too, not just seeing how Sal and I cope raising 2 boys but also seeing how Paul & Jim do at the same thing, so far I think the 3 of us are doing a half decent job as Dad’s you know, they really are 3 smashing lads.

I’m going to be Paul’s best man in October when he marries his lovely Sarah and it really will be one of the proudest days of my life because what they say is true you know………… Old friends are the best.

J x