Women are tougher than men

Isn’t it strange how sometimes life and the idea you have of how the next day, week or month is gonna pan out doesn’t end up anything like it was supposed to. I have had a strange couple of weeks you know.

My summer holiday to Cyprus was lovely, sun, sea, good food, good wine all in the company of people I love. I came home glad of the break and feeling ready for the build up to Sally Ann and I welcoming our 2nd Son in October, I was ready for the madness, the mess, the chaos a new born brings. I was ready to once again meet the greatest challenge in this life, raising a child…. and then I had a wisdom tooth out!!!! OH MY GOD!!


I have never known pain like it, not just immediately after but the whole week after, total and utter agony, relentless pain, my mouth felt like I would imagine the asteroid in Armageddon did as Bruce Willis and his band of merry men started hammering into it with their oversized Hollywood drills.

The pain has subsided somewhat now, my mouth is starting to feel like the one I love and many others hate once again, but during this whole drama I have been reminded of something……..

Women are tougher than men!!!!

My Sal is 7 months pregnant and she has spent the last 2 weeks working, looking after our 3 year old as well as her pathetic husband and she hasn’t moaned once, all the while I have been moping around like the proverbial smacked ****. I will say it again fellas, women are tougher than men. It’s true.

As well as being reminded of that I’ve also been reminded that it’s good to make plans but you must always be prepared for them plans to change more times than a wife getting ready for a night out.

Especially if you don’t look after your bloody teeth!!!!

Take care

J x